Recommit To A Purpose & Identity RICH in Faith, Healing and JOY !

STEP 1: Journey to Joy


Engage with the questions, worksheets, and videos found within this resource to lay the groundwork for building a habit of intentionally joy daily.

STEP 2: Propel Your Purpose


 This eye-opening 6-week workshop builds on your JOY Quest discoveries. Together we will create a vision and develop a purpose-led strategy for every arena of your life: career, wellness, and relationships.

STEP 3: Activate Accountability



Join our virtual family! 

Keep the momentum going strong with our daily accountability challenges and our supportive community of glow-getters like you.  Get ready to set the world on fire in purpose, faith, wellness, and JOY!




"This program was truly eye opening for me. It brought back some things from childhood that were a bit to work through. Participating in this program has also helped me to start doing the work daily to achieve my goals. This program was created at the right time and I’m so thankful to God for all that I’ve learned through this process."

—  NAKIA, Home Maker

"Truly Eye Opening"

Reconnect with your identity and purpose in JOY!


Get tailored strategies, step-by-step processes, and engaged accountability to rediscover your purpose and identity in JOY!  Turn your transitional struggles into purposed JOY that fuels your future, and live passionately in all areas of life:  family, career, and with the community at large.   

The Live Rich Movement Podcast
The mission behind the Live Rich Movement is to promote JOY through purpose, open conversations, and healing experiences.  So it totally makes sense that we have a podcast for your listening pleasure! us, the inspiration is real!
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In our inaugural season we are highlighting all aspects of life with phenomenal entrepreneurial moms! 
We're shattering the silence about black motherhood, living out your dreams,  spilling the tea on how to live aligned with your purpose, and why you need to prioritize JOY and self-care every single day.

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"Be joyful always"

(1 Thessalonians 5:16)